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Thursday March 19th
The opening night of the tour was a smashing success! Our three speakers are passionate, entertaining and extremely informative. They will leave you truly motivated and committed to make change in your own life and to engage with your friends and family to do the same. Join us on one of the remaining tour dates. If you cannot make a tour date, the talks captured live will also be uploaded to YouTube.
Friday 20th March

The Melbourne part of the tour is now over and we are currently in Sydney. See below for Sydney and New Zealand Tour Dates. Please see our Press page for latest Media Release regarding progress of the tour.

Friday 20th March
Monday 23rd March Tonight is the last chance to catch our speakers on the tour in Australia before they head to New Zealand - join us this evening in Sydney. See details below...
Monday 23rd March
Tuesday 24th March
It has been an incredible to spend days with scientist Dr Michael Antoniou, paediatrician Dr Michelle Perro and unstoppable US mum Zen Honeycutt. Over the time we have spent together more damming information about how chemicals like glyphosate (active ingredient in Roundup) are harming us. Hearing everyones perspective and listening to the massive illness in children in wealthy parts of the US is heartbreaking, what must health be like for the ordinary person or the poor? We simply cannot let this poisoning of people and the planet for profit continue. Get active, get your council to ban the use of chemicals for weeding, buy organic in bulk, learn to cook, grow your own food without chemicals, look for alternatives to poison. We all need to take responsibility and become leaders in this movement. The tour continues in New Zealand - see below for details...
Thursday March 26th
Time: 7pm
Children Food and Health, a parent's dilemma

New Zealand, Hamilton

Hamilton NZ

Marea 021 029 43467

Friday March 27th
Time: 7pm
Children Food and Health, a parent's dilemma New Zealand, Tauranga Boys College Tauranga NZ Contact
Jodie Bruning 027 505 0808
Saturday March 28th
Time: 7pm
Children Food and Health, a parent's dilemma Victoria Avenue School - 282 Victoria Ave, Remuera, Auckland NZ Auckland NZ

Contact Claire
027 348 6731

“What’s for dinner?” This simple question is getting harder to answer. We are focussing on food like never before so why are many people finding eating has become a minefield? Inviting friends and family can mean preparing several different dishes for the food intolerant or those who have often radically altered their diet for health reasons.

Is this a sign that something about food has changed or is everyone just getting pickier?

Hear from international experts and trailblazers how to make well-balanced and informed decisions:

Madge Talks Tour 2015

Dr Michelle Perro, Pediatrician in Marin County, Ca. In her 30 years as a paediatrician, she has seen children’s health decline dramatically. Over half of US children are now diagnosed with a chronic disorder.

Zen Honeycutt, Founder of Moms Across America and mother of three sons. She has radically improved her children's health by changing their diets. Zen Honeycutt’s, group MAA tested breastmilk and found it was contaminated with the weedkiller Roundup. The highest level of Roundup was 1600 times greater than allowed in drinking water in Europe.

Dr Michael Antoniou, Molecular Biologist at King's College London. Co-author of the report "Roundup and Birth Defects".

US Moms Report:

Allergies are up 400% in our children. Asthma affects 1 in 8. Autism has increased 1500% over the last 20 years. Twenty three and a half million Americans are now suffering with auto-immune diseases. Diabetes in teens has quadrupled in ten years. Colitis in children has tripled and Crohn's disease is up 79% in ten years. Cancer is the number one killer of children in America today.

Dr Michelle Perro:

The health of children in America is changing. One out of two children currently have some form of chronic illness. As a physician what I do all day is treat children's intestinal issues, these gut issues are connected to the demise in children's health.

All three speakers will be presenting at each talk.

If you have problems booking email or ring 0401 407 944.

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