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Supermarkets, True Food and other shopping guides

Coles and Woolworths sell 75% of all groceries sold in Australia. These companies, along with IGA, Aldi and others have the power to respond quickly and effectively to what customers want.

Some supermarkets already have GM free homebrands, they are listed in the True Food Guide as:

  • Aldi homebrand – they have also introduced a voluntary ban on 6 food colourings that affect children’s behaviour.
  • Coles smart buy
  • Coles finest
  • Foodland – IGA homebrand
  • IGA Metcash homebrand
  • Maxi foods
  • Leo’s fine food and wines
  • Simplot homebrand
  • You’ll love Coles (YLC)
  • You’ll love Coles Organic (YLC)

Franklins, Safeway and Woolworths may use GM in their homebrands.

GMO-ID Australia is a company that can test and certify food as non-GM. Please ask supermarkets to certify their products so we know what they are selling.

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