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#aldimum? Go #madgemum instead

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Submitted by Renaee on Wed, 05/20/2015 - 13:06

Although there are many great bargains to be had at Aldi, and they even have a few decent items in their organic range now, often purchasing cheaper fruit and veg means spending more in other places to make up for poor tasting produce.

There is a huge difference between a five dollar bunch of organic, juicy, sweet and crunchy carrots from a farmers market or coop, compared with a two dollar bag of carrots from Aldi, which are bland and tasteless, or worse have a chemical laden taste.

Organic carrots will go in a flash in my house and I often wish I had bought three bunches rather than one, while when buying a bag from Aldi it will often be found at the bottom of the crisper a week or so later, with one or two sad, old bendy carrots in there rotting away.  

Buying better tasting organic produce also means greater nutrition per calorie, which means better value for money and feeling more sustained and satisfied from this food.  We are more likely to make a meal out of veg this way and require less meat, or meat is served up like a condiment or another veg ingredient in the mix, not always the main affair.

Apart from our enjoyment and delight in the taste of good food - this is where we get down to the real nuts and bolts of the equation.

If you have done your reading around the health consequences, both short and long term of pesticide and herbicide exposure, then you begin to realise there are a lot of other hidden costs from shopping at the big brand stores.

In the US, they have their 'dirty dozen'  - the top 12 most pesticide contaminated fresh produce, in Australia a similar report has been commissioned by FOE and we have our own Top 20 Australian foods with the most pesticide detection.

Compare the two here - Apples come out on top in both reports:

Top 20 Australian Foods with the most pesticide dectection Versus US dirty dozen


So if want to drive your grocery bill further by having less waste, better tasting food, healthier kids and peace of mind - ditch the #aldimum hash tag for #madgemum.

For an in depth guide on how to shop GM and pesticide free - check out our Safe Food Page here.