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Will GM feed the world?

Feed the World?

We are told that we “need GM to feed the world” which suggests GM crops produce more food. Despite decades of research and hundreds of millions of dollars GM hasn’t worked.

The Failure to Yield report by the Union of Concerned Scientists showed almost all increases in crop yeilds and productivity were due to conventional crop breeding.

What does provide more food, reduce pesticide use, alleviate hunger and create healthy soils and healthy communities is non-GM, low input, sustainable farming practices. The UN’s reports “Agriculture at a crossroads” shows this is way to feed us all.

People can go hungry even in rich countries. In the US, the biggest grower of GM crops, one in eight Americans rely on food banks and other supports so they can eat.

We should not be blackmailed into a giant, hidden GM experiment on our food and our health by false promises of helping others.