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Are Australians eating unauthorized GM fruit and veg from China?

For Immediate Release 27th February 2012

China has commercialised GM papaya, capsicum and tomato and GM seed garlic is on sale according to Chinese journalist Yinghui Zhang-Carraro.

The Chinese public is unaware of these GM foods and they appear to be unlabelled.

There may be more GM foods on sale as “China has been doing research and trials on dozens of crops and many animals”.

“I rang Coles and Woolworths to inform them that GM fruit and vegetables are being grown in China. Selling these foods would be illegal as they have not been approved by our food standard authority FSANZ.” Said Fran Murrell of MADGE

“Although I rang and sent emails to both companies I have yet to hear back from them. This is not good enough. Our food labelling laws are so lax GM food could be imported food from China and we’d never know.”

“What’s in our food and where it comes from is being hidden from us. Our regulators and food retailers are potentially allowing us to be used as guinea pigs for unapproved GM crops.”

“I am losing all confidence in our food supply. It seems as if profit and trade considerations outweigh our right to know what we are eating.”

“The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is being negotiated in Melbourne in March . It is another free trade agreement that wants to remove the small amount of labelling we have . Instead of trading away our rights we need to the power to know what we are eating” said Fran Murrell.

“We do not want to be a dumping ground for GM food” said Jessica Harrison of MADGE “Do we have to wait for a health disaster before our labelling laws are tightened up?”
Spokespersons: Fran Murrell 0401 407 944 Jessica Harrison 040707 231