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Can mums sue over GM genes in their children's bodies?

For Immediate Release 14th February 2014

We should accept that all food, including organic, will be contaminated with Genetically Modified (GM) genes, according to the defence in the Steve Marsh case.1
“It is outrageous that ordinary food is being contaminated by GM and we are supposed to just swallow it.” Said Fran Murrell of MADGE. “We found out last year that complete plant genes (GM and non-GM) can pass from food into human blood. This was thought to be impossible"2
Sufferers of inflammatory diseases were found to have the highest concentration of plant DNA (genes) in their blood.
“We know that there are skyrocketing rates of hospitalizations of US children due to inflammatory bowel disease. It increased 65% between 2000 and 2009. Could this be due to the introduction of GM food in 1996? No one knows as no studies into how GM food has affected public health have been done.”3
“The pro-GM lobby appears to be like the tobacco industry, telling us their product is safe while suppressing independent research. At least people knew they smoked but GM ingredients are hidden in our food, unlabelled, due to loopholes in our laws”.4
“We depend on the organic industry and its zero tolerance of GM to eat GM-free. We would like to thank NAASA and Steve Marsh for upholding the zero tolerance of GM in organics. It gives us a choice in what we eat and a chance to protect our kids from patented, corporate-owned, GM food.” Said Fran Murrell

For Comment contact Fran Murrell 0401 407 944
1 Steve Marsh is the organic farmer suing his neighbour over GM contamination that resulted in Marsh losing his organic certification. Trial blog here. See Day 3
2 Spisak et al (2013) Complete Genes May Pass from Food to Human Blood PLOS one.

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